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In a nutshell

The Candusso Charitable Foundation, Inc was founded on March 3rd, 2017 by Mikel Candusso. Our organization received tax exempt status on March 31st 2017. The purpose of our organization is to support adoption by providing adoption grants to both public and private adoption agencies.


Founder's Corner

Founder, Mikel Candusso is the Program Director and is in charge of overseeing all programs, fundraisers, and events.  His passion for adoption began with his own adoption story. Mikel was adopted at the age of eight by the Candusso Family in 1994. With the help of God and his forever family, Mikel overcame being completely deaf and mute. His philosophy about life is a person's past doesn't have to determine their future. With God anything is possible.


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Media Coverage


Radio Interview

Mikel Candusso shares the background story behind of the organization and where it is headed.

Radio interview on 89.1 FM. Length 30min. 


National Adoption Day 2017 Radio Interview

Founder, Mikel Candusso shares his thoughts about adoption and how it has impacted his life. The interview took place on 89.1 FM Word of Praise Radio